Judge the judges, and justice for all!

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By the way, anyone can post anything. Posting offensive or destructive content is impractical for multiple reasons: anonymity prevents personal debates, downrates result in lower income for the poster, plus fallacies and biases will be likely pointed out by others. Let’s talk about the last point because it is essential if we want to have constructive debates.

Fallacies and biases, intentionally or unintentionally, may create arguments that are erroneous or unfair. It is a big challenge especially when those arguments suggest extreme actions and sound otherwise reasonable (for example, are partially based on valid arguments). To prevent those problems, members are encouraged to point out fallacies and biases, or like / dislike such comments (just like any other posts).

Therefore, if any specific education is required for all members of this fantasy world, that is studying fallacies and biases. Strawman, slippery slope, anecdotal evidence, confirmation bias, the Dunning-Kruger effect, groupthink are just a few examples — the members of an optimal society should get educated to recognize these (not necessarily by name though). Artificial intelligence can give us awesome tools for this (for example, when it reads a post saying that “XYZ is stupid”, it will likely flag it as an invalid argument), but only someone who is flesh and blood can make a point.

  • This example is extreme, because it would mean that at least 60% of the “Sesame Street” residents supported both proposals. We expect that to happen rarely.
  • Even if the acquisition of a new trash can is decided, it will not actually happen until someone turns it into a project, which is detailed in another post.
The relation of a “code” to individual posts is similar to the relation of this wall to the sticky notes
The weapon of the justice system
  1. List some fallacious or biased arguments that are widely accepted and show how to flag them.
  2. List fallacies and bias that you find in this blog’s content. Appreciate that you help us to develop!
  3. List alternatives for expensive and often ineffective prison sentences.



Changing the world without changing people

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