Democracy and Efficiency

A devil hiding in the details
A group of voters
This place was built for representative democracy
Programmers examining a medical issue
Some rocket science for scale
  • No one else knows who posted or voted for posts.
  • Cookie Monster and Big Bird voted only for one post; therefore, their overall influence is only half of Oscar’s or Elmo’s, but their influence on the questions that they voted for is the same.
  • The votes on Post #2 changed the ratings for Post #1 as well. Oscar expressed a stronger opinion for Post #2, so his vote for Post #1 became weaker. Elmo expressed a weaker opinion for Post #2, so his vote for Post #1 became stronger.
  • Overall, Post #1 is opposed, and Post #2 is supported by the community.
  • If Oscar would change the strength of his vote for Post #2 to 50%, Post #2 would be a bit less supported (+125%) but Post #1 would become supported (+25%). Post #2 would remain more supported.
  • So far, we assumed that all Muppets are the members of only one community, the “Sesame Street”. If Cookie Monster joins the “Hunger Games” group, and in his portfolio, the importance of “Sesame Street” is 20%, while the importance of “Hunger Games” is 30%, his average vote in “Sesame Street” would go down from 100% to 40% (20% / [20% + 30%]), which means that Post #1 would become supported — without anyone changing votes.
A resident of the Sesame Street worrying about the increased mortgage payments after seeing overwhelming public support for the trash can development project



Changing the world without changing people

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